Knowledge organisers employ right brain activity in reducing heavyweight concepts to simple diagrams.
1)Critical thinking exercises enable the student to use logic, precision and cogency.
2)Instructional methodologies employ various clever steps to help students extend learning beyond the online classroom.
3)Engaging with students online is a close look at how to use online activities as part of a lesson plan
4)using an activity calendar as assesment for an online audience is designed to implement activities as a tool. They engage and enable the teacher to assess stages of student
5) Know your classroom management profile and embark on an exciting journey to enhance the effectiveness of your teaching.
6)The big question of why, and what of learning a topic- learn to design the expected learning outcomes and ensure effective learning
7)How to kick start accelerated learning- role of 8.)motivation in engaging the child in learning.
9)Assessment for learning or as learning- Authentic Assesment.
10)Remote learning – Opportunities
11)Bringing alive Virtual classrooms …Engaging and Impactful
12)Incorporating 21st century skills in a virtual classroom …
13)Time and stress management ( self, student and parents)
14) Discovering your true potential
15) Trends in Teaching